Applications for the autumn 2021 entry are open!

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Postgraduate apprenticeship: September 27th 2021

Full time mode: October 4nd 2021


Application Deadlines

Application Process

Before Application

Explore our different programmes and choose the one that suits you the best. If you still hesitate, please visit each of our Applied MSc programmes to be sure that you choose the right path.

Verify the tuition fees for each programme.
Visit our page dedicated to international student.



You will need to provide the usual registry data: your CV and a cover letter.

Your English proficiency will be assessed by your understanding during the admission interview. You are also free and welcome to provide any English proficiency test that you may have taken.

You may also submit as many recommendation letters as you wish to.


Each week, the Eligibility Committee decides whether your application is suitable for admission.

Again, don’t worry too much here: they will just make sure that you have a sufficient educational and/or professional background to follow our state-of-the-art programmes.


Once your application is declared eligible, all applicants to be called for an interview (most probably via video conference) which holds the final admission decision. The admission interview will be conducted by our staff and is divided into two parts:

  • The technical part consists of testing your competencies
  • The social part is the opportunity to give more information about your professional objectives, experiences, motivations, background…

Interview admission fee€110

Engineers who have graduated from Arts et Métiers are exempt from these fees.  

You are in France (on-campus students)

You are either sunbathing in Sophia-Antipolis or falling in love with Paris.

Ok, let’s be honest, you’ll have to give some extra administrative information and upload a few documents.

Discover our Sophia-Antipolis and Paris Campus.